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NJ Volvo is a website by a Google & Bing Partner that has been in business since 1998. This website is for auto dealers and others looking for PPC results.


The account managers are experts in ppc management and certified in search, display, shopping, and video advertising. Account managers are also certified in Google Analytics & Bing Ad Center.


We are PPC experts and professionals who have been around. We know how ppc campaigns work for auto dealers and other industries and can apply this knowldege to improve your results, ROI, while saving you time and money.


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Find New Keywords

Develop Keyword Strategy

Keyword research and strategy development is an essential aspect to your PPC campaigns. Keyword selection and type determination will save you money and avoid costly mistakes that broad match terms can incur. Comprehensive keyword research is provided and reviewed with each customer to determine accurate traffic & cost estimates.

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Outsmart Your Competitors

Lower Your CPC & Increase Your CTR%

Developing the right bidding strategy is no easy task. Your bottom line is what counts - we make sure you hit your goals & generate a positive ROI. We have developed proven bidding strategies and processes that are not available anywhere else. We know how to bid for the keywords that matter the most to your bottom line and will make sure you improve market share for these keywords.

Increase ROI

Improve Conversion Rates

When it comes to PPC advertising the highest bid is not alwys the top ranking. One way to gain a lower CPC than your competitors is to have a higher quality score with agressive ad copy. We can help you increase your increase sales while lowering the cost per sale. All PPC Management programs are designed to meet the objectives of each customer.

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Local PPC Marketing

Mobile Advertising

Utilizing geographic targeting is an extremely effective way to reduce costs and improve overally quality of leads. Local PPC marketing can help drive foot traffic into brick-and-mortter stores, increase local awareness, and gain local market share. We use all the tools available to ensure your targeting effectively supports your objectives.


PPC Audit

The odds are your current PPC management company or advertising agency is not giving you the best value for your ad spend. Our quick audit lets you know they type of improvements you could expect once we take over the day-to-day PPC management. Detailed audits and written reports are available for those who need an independent 3rd party auditor to evaluate the status & performance of your PPC accounts.

PPC Management

After fully understanding your business goals and, more importantly, your customers we will make an ad placement strategy recommendation that best suits your needs. We provide comprehensive strategies on all ad networks with targeted high-quality visitors from paid search, display advertising, social networks, shopping feeds, video advertising, remarketing, and more.

PPC Optimization

Optimization is the key to always improving your results. Different areas of optimization include landing page, ad copy, and keyword optimization. In come case account & campaign optimization is required to get better results. Whatever your needs we have the certified professionals ready to optomize your PPC accounts.



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